If there’s one type of jewellery associated with the royals of Rajasthan, it is Kundan. Not for nothing is this beautiful form of jewellery-making among the most common styles for brides. You need to look like a queen on your wedding day, after all. Every trousseau is incomplete without at least one Kundan set. Although, if it isn’t the whole regalia that you are looking for, a pair of chunky Kundan earrings matched with a simple salwar kameez or sari can take your style to the next level.

Kundan imitation jewellery takes glass pieces and nestles them in a copper alloy, which has been burnished with gold. While chandbalis and chandelier earrings are fairly common in Kundan, the style lends itself to a wide array of pieces. In one of our most popular creations, a foliage of leaves, rendered in Kundan, is embellished with several rows of pink-stone hangers. They form a ‘U’ around the piece, creating an effect that is understated, yet powerful. In another, a decorative paisley motif is studded with rows of hanging pearls. It looks like a mehndi pattern brought to life. Kundan earrings can take the crescent shapes of the moon and make them look as bright as sunrays. Now, who wouldn’t want to show off the galaxy on their ears?

This is the reason Kundan takes pride of place in the jewellery trunk: it can elevate simple designs into works of rare art. With these lovely jhumkas by your side, all women can light up their faces. Our website has Kundan earrings catering to all tastes, and for all the women in your family. Shop for them online, and you are sure to bring compliments your way offline.

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