There was a time when the best artisanship in India would be on display on the necks of Mughal queens. Today, every woman can have the same honour: with Polki necklace sets. Simply put, the Polki are stones in their most original form. They are uncut and unpolished rocks, which retain the natural rough edges. And as the case stands, in the hands of Indian karigars, even the rough-edged crystals can be made to look like stars.

The art of making jewellery out of Polki stones is known as jadau, a style popularised by Rajput princesses. In imitation Polki necklace sets, metals such as brass, copper, or an alloy of brass and copper are beaten, carved, and moulded to frame the stones. As this work requires great delicacy and care, each piece is handmade and takes nearly 45 days to create. Which is why, the imitation necklace sets on our website come in mesmerising shades and shapes. In some sets, pink, red, or green coloured stones add glamour to the necklaces; in others, large pendants, inspired by temple jewellery or floral patterns, become statement pieces. Metals have been skilfully tamed to resemble goddesses emerging out of the sun or roses blooming in gold. And, peacocks as motifs have been used inventively in every strand. Strings of pearls or synthetic stones add to their regal appeal.

At extremely reasonable prices, each set looks ten times more valuable than its actual worth. Be it a formal occasion or a special occasion, these imitation necklace sets for women are bound to make heads turn. With one click online, you can buy a piece that will enhance your jewellery box forever. After all, it isn’t just diamonds that are a girl’s best friend, but all beautiful, well-made pieces that are.

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  1. The designs that you have shared with us are just eye-catching thank you so much for getting our notice of these amazing designs I really wish to buy this design will surely speak to my husband regarding this and try and convince him if we can purchase this.

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