When your big day is on the anvil, here are a few dos and don’ts in your bridal jewellery that you should keep in mind.

When you are the bride, all eyes are on you. Your wedding day is the day you shine, and everything – from head to toe – needs to be perfect. Because of the prestige attached to it, jewellery forms a big part of your look. And that is precisely where you need to pay the most amount of attention. Luckily, there are several jewellery websites that specialize in bridal sets. To create your ensemble, you can just browse on your phone and pick the one that suits you the best. Even for something as traditional as bridal jewellery, technology can come to your aid.


1. Know your bridal set

While a few jewellery pieces may differ according to each state, most bridal jewellery in India has the following components: a maang tikka; a nose ring that’s typically attached with a chain to the earring; big earrings that either cover the whole ears or hang a few inches down; a broad range of necklaces that include chokers, chains, and neckpieces; either a haath phool that encircles the wrist or several rings; bangles, usually intermixed with red and white lacquer ones; cummerbunds, which can be quite elaborate; anklets; and multiple toe rings. All of these come together to turn a woman into a bride, and each has its own role and significance on the day.


2. Don’t be afraid to go big

Even if you’re someone who usually prefers delicate jewellery and dainty pieces, your wedding isn’t the occasion to be subtle. Your lehenga is in any case going to be covered in embroidery and is going to be in bold colours. Your jewellery should complement your ensemble as well as stand out equally. Pair a big choker with a multiple-strand mala, and chandelier earrings with a big maang tikka. It is also the only day you’ll probably wear a haath phool or a giant nose ring, so make sure these match the other pieces. Brides aren’t about minimalism, so let your jewellery speak on your behalf.


3. Bridal sets are more convenient than individual pieces

There are so many decisions to be made for your wedding day that a few simple ones should be left to the experts. Jewellery makers understand this. This is why they design bridal sets as opposed to standalone pieces. While it may be tempting to create a look that reveals your taste and individuality in every piece, it will only be a bigger headache. Mixing and matching different pieces might end up as a visual disaster as well. Opt for a bridal set and let the experts create the perfect look for you. They have ensured that the same motif is carried through in all the pieces of your set.


4. Mix sentimental pieces with something new

Having said that, your mother and grandmother have probably saved up a few pieces for your big day. They have planned for it since you were a little girl and these pieces carry an emotional value that nothing else can surpass. Make room for them in your ensemble. Incorporate them with pieces that you have already chosen and give them the pride of place. Let their love and affection reflect on your neck and wrists. If it’s a bangle that they have saved up, create your entire row around it, or if it’s a pair of earrings, go online and find pieces that match it. Weddings are when families come together. Your jewellery should do its part in ensuring that that’s always true.


5. Artificial jewellery has great options for brides, too

Just because you’re the bride doesn’t mean your jewellery should cost an arm and a leg. Today, several jewellery designers have created looks in polki (uncut diamonds) and kundan, which will do justice to your special day. Many of them have designed auspicious motifs such as goddesses, moons and flowers. These motifs are recreated across each element of the set, be it a bangle or a toe ring. In addition, polki leaves a lot of room for experimentation. It can be combined with colorful artificial stones and gold plated beads, which can create an alluring effect. You can also match this with your lehenga, in case you’re choosing an offbeat color. Because artificial jewellery is also lighter in weight, a single choker can have several intricate layers without weighing you down. For instance, a row of beads, followed by several rows of polkis place around a central motif, another row of flowers, and then a row of crescents that will fan out on your collarbone. It sounds like a lot in words but actually creates a bewitching effect.


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